50/F16 Solar Scope – 2

The adapter has come up. Here is 50mm/F16 setup with BORG Series 80 tube assembly. Combining various BORG adapter rings, I managed to somehow convert into 52mm filter thread at the front. This is good enough for the initial tests with IDAS 52mm and SF50. Thanks for wide variety of BORG parts.

Again, very long….. I had to use 2 x 205mm and 1 x 100mm tubes. If I set straight thru for imaging, I guess a 100mm tube should be replaced with one more 205mm tube. Wow, focusing point is further going down. Very classic. I recall GOTO 80/F15 scope forced me to knee down the ground. I didn’t mind that time because of small kind. Good thing is still very light weight. Only bulky.

I have set black velvet sheets entire OTA inside. Some baffles are in. Tube ID should be more than large enough for 50mm aperture. So I hope this OTA preparation creates the best possible image contrast.

Anyway, I looked at that sun thru IDAS solar filter. Today was not the good day for conclusion because of thin cloud. But at least I could see the sun’s edge is clean and background turned darker when the sky is relatively clear.Fortunately the sun was bright enough at 50mm/F16. I feel pleasing thru IDAS solar filter at least for my eye. So far, looking good.

For 50/F12, probably simply removing one of 205mm tubes should be good for proper length.



~ by tedishikawa on February 18, 2016.

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