Guide Scope with Camera Rotator

A new piggyback plate has 3 plain holes. As long as a guide scope is short enough, I believe it allows to set most of scopes at top of a camera rotator. Here is some examples with Kowa 75mm/F2.5 c-mount lens.

I don’t have eyepiece-type c-mount camera. So I demonstrate 1.25″ eyepiece as a camera. Several sizes of mounting clamps are available as 1.25″ for guide camera body, 75mm lens body and 100mm Kowa(not shown here). Lower right image shows the setup with M-gen camera although connecting adapter is slightly different from the commercial unit. Other short flange back t-threaded cameras such as QHY5?(I don’t verify yet though) might optically work with this adapter too.

Arca Swiss attachment should make setup and pack back easier and quicker. Also if you make the guide scope mounting interface all Arca Swiss compatible, you can easily switch small guide scope to other system too.

Compression-ring style ring inside holds equipment more securely and prevents them from scratching. These parts are available now.

Kowa is well known as premium-quality of C-mount lens which is produced in Japan.


~ by tedishikawa on February 17, 2016.

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