New Adapters for Takahashi Portable Mounts

First, this is the prototype for Nikon rotatable right angle finder, which should make the polar alignment procedure more comfortable. Fortunately PM-1’s and PM-SP’s end cap sizes are exactly same. So it can fit both of them.

I got a used Nikon DR-3 at eBay for myself. It was worn. I don’t complain at all due to extremely low price. Optically very clean. So at least good enough for this use. The adapter fits Nikon DR-3, 4 and 5. Field test was good as expected. So I will go ahead commercially machining. Part # PSA.

2nd adapter is already shown here. Now it’s commercially available. Part # DECP($55.00)

As shown the above, it can be used both as PM-SP DEC plate and camera rotator’s piggyback plate.

I ordered Kowa 75mm c-mount lens and some mounting hardware for Arca Swiss bar, so that I can set its compact guide scope at the top of the rotator. I show my setup here once all parts will be in my hand.


~ by tedishikawa on February 9, 2016.

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