CP+ & Panasonic New Imaging Sensor

As usual, BORG will have the booth at CP+ this year too. This is the huge photographic event entire Asia. I will be there for helping BORG staff entire the show.

cp2016If you have the chance to stay in Japan around that time, please come and see. I guess BORG is preparing for some new items for the show.

And this is the big news for probably everyone. A couple of years ago, I saw the joint-statement from Panasonic and Fujifilm that they started developing OPF-based new sensor as their joint-project. That time it looked very primitive as development or experimental stage. But recent Panasonic announcement seems to be much more realistic and they look having found out the way for mass production while maintaining the quality and performance.

panaThis looks a dream sensor for our community. I was told they targeted to start releasing real product by 2020.  Looks great sensor!!

The basic concept of two different sensitive cells in a pixel looks like Fuji’s honeycomb sensor. It was different pixels. But Panasonic method is to split one pixel into two cells. I guess they had the tremendous manufacturing breakthrough.

As a camera freak, yes I will definitely buy these cameras both under the Panasonic and Fujifilm brands.  I can’t wait by 2020.




~ by tedishikawa on February 8, 2016.

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