BORG Discontinued Items & Solar Flare

Some BORG items have been discontinued.

  1. 60ED (#2260) – Final stock unit has been sold out. So 2260 has been completely out. This was quite long-selling item.

  2. 0.7x super reducer (7870) – Stock offer only. Less than 10 units just left. Once it will be sold out, no astrograph package including 7870 will be available either.

  3. 150mm long white tube (#7150) – Stock only. Will be replaced with a black one (#7151).

  4. Series 80 tube assembly set (#6003) – No longer available. No stock either.

  5. Series 80 drawtube (#7137) – No longer available. Replaced with following 7790.7790Unlike previous types, front-baffle is aluminum-made. And replaceable.

  6. 6290 – white 90FL set is no longer available either. White objective is still available.

Here is the today’s solar result. It was 840mm focal length. But I’m not sure I got focal length advantage. This close-up frame shows big flare.

This was about 4 hours sequence.


~ by tedishikawa on January 27, 2016.

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