55FL with FTF-M57 – #2 & QSI

I think a Takahashi 80mm holder looks the best fit for 55FL F3.6 Series 80 setup, which allows for relatively easier weight balance and makes more clearance space for dedicated cooled CCD cameras at the back end.


Then, this achieves to control focusing from PC without sacrificing anything and still to set a guide scope at the top.

Following pictures are another 55FL F3.6 setup one of local customers – David Lozano did with his QSI camera. Originally he wanted to use his 3″ FTF motorized focuser with 55FL. But it was obviously too long. So for easy start-up, he decided to pick the original package including a helical focuser. He brought his QSI and mounting plate to my office today to double check mounting issue.

He uses Losmandy unit to raise the scope up to create the clearance space for QSI camera. Losmandy unit is high enough for 8-filter wheel and allows to adjust weight balance back and forth. So I wanted to share his setup as one example with BORG users. AOK-made clam-shell type is used, as mentioned yesterday. Since a focuser is set in front(behind the objective lens), camera side is totally rigid.


~ by tedishikawa on January 22, 2016.

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