Panasonic GX-8 with BORG

I got Panasonic GX-8. This is my 2nd Panasonic camera. Panasonic is now the leading company of 4K video & 4K photo consumer camera. I saw 4K/30p demonstration at Panasonic booth last year. I felt it was the motion-picture(film) instead of video. It was very impressive. So one day I wanted to try that. Still I don’t own 4K TV though.


Anyway, biggest factors I picked GX-8 were the tilt EVF and 20MP sensor for the purpose of solar imaging. After using 2MP monochrome camera for the sun, I started feeling the lack of resolutions especially when I cropped. So I was considering going back the consumer mirrorless camera for solar imaging again. Yes, it’s bayer-color sensor. But 10x more number of pixels. 20MP in 4/3rds sensor looks equivalent to around 77MP in full frame sensor if my calculation is correct. That’s very big number or tiny pixel size. This must be the resolution king. I saw DxO test outperformed 16MP 4/3rds sensors in overall score. So I decided to go for it. I was very curious how a latest 2.3MP OLED EVF is helpful for focusing too.


This EVF looks the best ever for me. Feel like I’m looking through optical viewfinder. It’s large, very smooth, clean and high contrast. In-body stabilizer is not as strong as Olympus’s. But this was what anticipated (actually I should say Olympus stabilizer is too good instead) and I didn’t intend to buy the camera for that purpose. As of today, I thought the combination of Panasonic EVF + Olympus stabilizer must be a king for DigiBorg. Anyway, this EVF encourages me for solar use very much. Unfortunately, it was overcast today though.

I found HD video taken with BORG 90 and GX-8 by Wag-san in Japan.

This initial test has assured me GX-8 will make DigiBorg fun very much.


~ by tedishikawa on January 15, 2016.

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