Mercury Transit May 9

Looks like more people are now paying attention to the event. We have more solar-related inquiries these days. Here is the info on the transit of the Mercury May 9 2016. I hope I can see almost two thirds of the transit here in southern California.


More raining and cloudy even in southern California these days. Probably ski resort people must be much pleased with a lot of snow after a couple of years’ dry winter. Anyway, I took some solar systems out today. It has been for a while after my back-pain problem.

These will be probably my setup for Mercury transit this year. IDAS’s visually-safe ND solar filters show very clean sun face (actually the sun spots are very clean and sharp today) and BORG 90FL binoscope with a pair of erecting mirror diagonals shows 3D-like sun shape as well as the correct Mercury movement direction unlike the conventional mirror diagonal.

And Hinode SG keeps the sun at the center of the sensor all the time. So this allows me for the hassle-free imaging entire the transit and to keep concentrating the visual observing while drinking my most favorite IPA beer. I recall I was so busy to manually correct the sun’s shifting from viewfinder during last Venus transit. But image result was terrible. The sun was still jumping around. So I gave up creating the time-lapse movie. Hinode SG will completely solve this problem and makes me relax during the transit, and allows me to easily make the transit movie after that. That should be very nice.

Keep in mind, the manual correction is very challenging for the achievement of time-lapse movie quality. Also I think trying so is to lose the valuable opportunity of visual observing. Concentrating to look at the sun with your eyes is more priceless in my opinion.



~ by tedishikawa on January 8, 2016.

2 Responses to “Mercury Transit May 9”

  1. I cant wait for this event! I have my Lunt ready. The Hinode guider looks very interesting! I wonder if I should get one =P.

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