Canon and Sony Full Frame Cameras

This is the good news for Canon full frame camera users, who have been long waiting for the body-mounted filter. Here is the answer from IDAS.

EOS-MFFPrototype. Fits 6D and 5D Mark II.

The mirror cushion is taken off (user removable) to maximize the effective imaging area. So there are some restrictions and cautions during the use. We will write up the details later. At beginning LPS-D1 will be only available within a month or so.

Now the industry-standard LPS-D1 allows to be used with Canon 6D and 5D Mark II along with wide-angle lenses together. Please stay tune here.

Pentax K mount adapter for Sony A7 Series is now available and each lens mount adapter is sold individually too.



My old Pentax 135mm/F3.5 lens. I’m curious how it still performs with digital sensor. One day I will try and see nighttime. At least it doesn’t look severe light fall-off to the corner in daytime test.

Also as mentioned before, a new camera rotator is basically designed for DSLR body. So spacers to raise a mirrorless body up make it move to more center of rotator, Then, no weight balance issue in camera orientation. These spacers can be used onto a mounting plate as well to create more room for camera orientation.


~ by tedishikawa on January 5, 2016.

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