SIGMA 20mm/F1.4 Art – #2

This lens has gone beyond my expectation. Since it was 20mm, I was’t expecting the quality of each corner much. But I was pleasingly wrong.  This was very positive surprise for me.

IMG_968294.5 degree field of view. Looking nice for Milky-way shot.


(Full resolution image with 6D, taken at F2.2. Slightly stretched for more image contrast)

I was testing from F1.6 to F3.2 and concluded F2.2 was the best compromise spot for myself. Each image might show the textbook astigmatism at full frame corner. Meridional lines are shown at all F-stops. But interestingly all look similar entire F-stops I tested. Only difference at each stop is sagittal lines. Sagittal is more at more open and more stop-down from F2.2. It looks minimal at F2.2. This was the reason I concluded I would go with F2.2. Imagine stars at each corner are shown as more crossing shape than the above image at both radiate and circular directions. Sharpness? I don’t take a close look at yet. But all look similar. Even F1.x show only a hint of aberrations at the center. But doesn’t look too bad to me at all. In any cases, I think F2.2 seems to be fast enough for my requirement.

I’m not a pixel-by-pixel researcher. So most likely these star shapes can be ignored in my needs. Moreover I was surprised this performance entire full frame sensor as 20mm lens. Now I own 50mm and 20mm Art. And I used 35mm as well. These 3 Art lenses show excellent performance. 35mm one was very good too. But I wanted wider-field of view. If they will sell 85mm or 100mm, probably I can’t stand.

I found the interview page with Mr.Yamaki – president of Sigma. It’s long text and video. So take a look at when you have time and are interested.


He has very solid strategy how to go the future as Sigma. I can say, sigma Art are excellent lenses for astrophotography. I would like to applaud Mr.Yamaki and all of designers and production staff at Sigma. Congratulations! 20mm Art is really great lens for me.


~ by tedishikawa on December 28, 2015.

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