Classical Astronomy with Takahashi Mounts

One of features for Takahashi portable mounts I like best is manual slow motion controls. GOTO is quite common these days. But I’ve never used that function. Some factors in most of my cases are the short focal length and generally large sensor size, camera viewfinder or LCD screen etc. But basically I like the process to point the target by classical way – looking up the sky and back at paper-based star maps repeatedly while drawing the camera frame size on the sky. That makes me feel “I’m going to take pictures myself, not by machine”. Yes, that’s old astronomy and the time consuming job. But this is a part of factors for me to have fun as hobby. I’m not good at star hopping. So it often happens after the test shots, why nothing captured in a frame??  Pitiful try-and-error human process continues until final composing. Such a waste of time, that’s a hobby.

Anyway, here is slow motion knobs.





pm1cltch1Motor Clutches : Don’t forget tightening after pointing to the target. I forgot already several times……. According to the instruction manual, the half motor-clutch works. But I don’t try yet.

Yes, an electrical hand controller allows to do same. But I like to enjoy the feeling for turning knobs by hands. I know many ask why? Probably this is the personal favorite, person to person. So no clear and logical answer here.

I applaud Takahashi mount engineers who have designed the mounts allowing me to enjoy the astronomy by the classical way.

Finally, do I want to go back to the manual guiding? Simply not. I concede I can’t go back to old school completely any more….. manual guiding was too painful.

~ by tedishikawa on December 15, 2015.

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