BORG Eyepiece Projection Adapter

Part # 7410 – eyepiece projection adapter is a long-seller item among BORG accessories.  There was 2″ version before. Unfortunately no longer available. This item is nothing new. But because well-designed, I wanted to share here. The adapter is smart enough to allow to use many eyepieces and cameras. As long as the eyepiece head diameter is 54 mm or smaller, you can set any 1.25″ eyepieces. If it is too long, no problem. You can extend the body. And built-in camera rotator and sliding adjustment for the distance to the focal plane. Moreover, unlike others, an eyepiece has no weight stress at all.

Pentax XP-14 is set with. I felt Pentax XP was very good looking for imaging. I’m curious how it is still good for digital sensor or not. BORG # 4605 converts 0.965″ to  1.25″ size.

7410dVery old page. But I think the contents are mostly still valid.

And along with BORG other parts, you can set 7410 with telescopes via BORG M57, Takahashi/Vixen threads, SCT, T-thread, 2″ or 1.25″  etc., and virtually any camera available in the market today. Looking for good eyepiece projection setup? This is it. Yes, this is very good value.




~ by tedishikawa on December 14, 2015.

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