Back-Safe Astronomy

As mentioned yesterday, I had the severe back injury a few weeks ago. Actually I was forced to lie down on the bed for 2 days. It was the most painful days in my life. Fortunately I’m in good shape now. But I’m afraid of lifting up a heavy stuff. So I was trying to figure out “back-safe astronomy” system for myself.  The key concept is not to use EM200 mount.

Fortunately I had two portable mounts now. These have nothing I’m worried about at all. PM-1’s counterweight shaft diameter is the exactly same as EM200’s. So I can use EM200 weight for PM-1 although it isn’t the manufacturer intention.

Anyway, one challenging part was DEC’s weight balance because of cooled 6D. As a picture shows, the cooling chamber section moves the camera further back. So the weight moment further moves back.  It is quite common that BORG setup is always more back-heavy. But a cooled 6D makes further more difficult.

I couldn’t find out the good solution with conventional astronomical saddle. So I switch to Arca Swiss panning head and BORG dovetail plate. I noticed the compact panning head creates more clearance space to avoid interfering with some thumbscrews, so that I can more push the telescope into the objective side. Also as expected, BORG plate’s slot patterns give me various mounting ring locations.


Thanks for the light and compact BORG scopes and Takahashi portable mounts. Fortunately these combinations allow me to continue to enjoy astro imaging.

BTW, as mentioned the above, I highly recommend Arca Swiss saddle or panning head and BORG dovetail plate. This makes the system lighter and more flexible to adjust weight balance. I’m sure Arca Swiss equipment is solid enough for BORG telescopes.




~ by tedishikawa on December 11, 2015.

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