Pocket BORG (P25)

This is 25mm aperture F7 tiny optics. But it is built up as a real telescope mechanically and optically. I tested it as a guide scope with an old ST-5C before. But my result was not as good as I expected. Probably ST-5C sensor was not sensitive enough for aperture and speed.

But now different story. Autoguide camera’s sensor is being sensitive more and more every year.

In Japan, the scope called Pencil BORG is very popular as the guide scope. Also more orders are coming from Europe these days.

Now black version is only available as part # 6024 and I noticed the black matte finish was good looking from the picture. So I got the one for my testing purpose. See some setups.

Probably eyepiece-type autoguide camera such as Lodestar or ST-i etc should be much nicer finish than mine. I’m sure today’s chip is sensitive enough for this optics. The current users’ results in the field are proving that. But again old cameras don’t work with it.

The black matte finish is very nice as expected.

The weight is just 150g. This shouldn’t be any issue for mountain hikers either. Optics allows to magnify 50x or more. So it will be good for casual lunar or solar observing too.

Unfortunately I couldn’t reach the infinity focus with erecting prism diagonal.

Enjoy with Pocket BORG



~ by tedishikawa on December 8, 2015.

2 Responses to “Pocket BORG (P25)”

  1. Hi
    I made an adapter ring to attach the prism to pocket Borg.
    I reach the infinity focus (but i can’t use barlow lens).

  2. Interesting,but brief,review of the pocket Borg. I own one and with a star diagonal you’ll not be able to focus to infinity however use a Barlow lense and you can however the field of view is of course narrower.without a diagonal infinity is no problem. I’d say that the field of view at 11.8x using an Altair 13mm wide field lense is a bit less than my Opticron 8x25mm monocular. I don’t know why the star diagonal causes the problem, I haven’t tried an erecting prism but I’d guess that too may cause a similar problem. I think that it must be something to do with the Borg’s short focal length? I have a short tripod but will soon try the pocket Borg on some astronomical objects using a full length tripod.I’m guessing based on the 8×25 Opticron trailfinder monocular that objects down to about the 9th magnitude will just be possible with a 25mm objective?

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