BORG 71FL F4 and 55FL F3.6

One of long-time BORG users – Steve Cooper recently have changed his system from his 101EDII to have the wider field of view.


(click for details)

This picture describes that 280 mm focal length covers the whole part of M31 with 4/3rds chips such as KAF8300 without mosaic.

Current BORG reducers have long enough back focus for QSI WSG system with only one piece conventional adapter – 7522. So I highly recommend WSG users who are interested in targeting larger objects.

55FL F3.6 package price has been set. This optics further allows for larger targets in the sky.

P3590483s1Part #6258 : $1,195.00

The set consists of 2255, 7880, 7761, 7604 and 7000.

It should be very attractive deal. 7761 is a newly designed low-profile focuser, which allows for twice fine focusing than previous model 7758. Very well-made.

The set will be available end of December.

【6258】光路図6-element telephoto lens covering full frame sensor (1st element is fluorite crystal)

Very unique design

~ by tedishikawa on November 30, 2015.

2 Responses to “BORG 71FL F4 and 55FL F3.6”

  1. Hey Ted I like the look of this can you price the items I will need for my Sony A7s please.

    Part #6258 : $1,195.00 The set consists of 2255, 7880, 7761, 7604 and 7000. Thank you. Alan 

    • Alan

      Thanks for your comment. You need 7921, 7922 and 5013 for Sony e-mount camera.

      Thanks for your serious interest.


      Sent from a phone Please excuse typos

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