Takahashi PM-SP

PM-SP is Takahashi’s single-axis tracking mount. It’s compact, solid and pleasingly heavy. In my personal feeling, I think it’s better to have some level of weight and solidness for the overall stability. I like lightweight scope. But I feel better for a relatively heavy and solid mount.

I was curious how the mount handled two cameras. So I played it around.

As expected, very stable and all are rigid. There is nothing to be worried about. Good thing is a dovetail plate. It allows to adjust each camera position individually for fine weight balance adjustment. The above setup is fully balanced. So I believe I can expect the best possible tracking performance. I guess it’s better tracking than unbalanced single camera setup even it is heavier.

Also a polar scope is always accessible to the sky view. So we can setup all of equipment on the mount before the sunset and just wait to see Polaris. This means it allows for polar alignment without changing setup after the dark, For me, this is important.

PM-SP left, PM-1 right

And I want to point out one important thing. All of Takahashi mounts have metal polar scope caps. Especially this should be most useful for portable mounts since they are being carried around by car and airplane etc. So this protection is critical to prevent the factory-installed reliable polar scope from being misaligned by the shock. Kenko SkeMemo (previous Japanese-made) was a good quality mount. Like PM-SP, compact and solid. And there is an accurate built-in polar scope. But unfortunately the polar scope’s rear section was not protected at all. So I had experience the polar scope was off-axis by the shock during UPS shipping. (Be careful for SkyMemo users) That time I thought I wanted to have the protection cap. This is a small piece of part. But it should play a big role.

And always each clutch pleasingly works. Even if it is way unbalanced, nothing moves. Completely stop and smooth move after loosened. This should be a kind of Takahashi quality. Well designed and made.

This is probably most expensive as portable mounts in the market. But the performance, quality and satisfaction should justify the cost in my personal experience. Especially for special evens such as overseas expedition and total solar eclipse etc,  enjoying such opportunities without trouble is priceless. So mechanical and electrical reliability should be most important factor for that.




~ by tedishikawa on November 17, 2015.

2 Responses to “Takahashi PM-SP”

  1. Hi,

    Could you tell me the total weight of the PM-SP mount with all its accessories (counterweight shaft and dec module)?
    Thank you very much.


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