BORG 55FL Super Reducer

It was shipped yesterday.

P3600079s1mjAll have been set to go!!

【6258】光路図BORG 55FL F3.6 Cutaway, 6-element advanced petzval design

Part # 6258 package will be available next month


With Canon 6D by T. Saitoh

No cropped full frame

I believe this was taken from  southern hemisphere

m31_d600_55fl-200_StarSharp_hdWith Nikon D600 by Hiroshi Numajiri

This looks a kind of unusual composing.


This is an another fresh image to me. I didn’t know there are large Ha gas left side.

As mentioned several time before, 200 mm focal length with full frame camera gives us various fresh composing we’ve never took before. These remind me of my medium format film with BORG 300 mm and 400 mm scopes that time. So I’m sure 200 mm with full frame make us a lot of fun.

And finally good news for small sensor users too. 200 mm allows to capture the whole part of Sh2-240 with 8300 chip, without mosaic.

55FL(SH2-240 0.8x ST-8300M Hα 15分x11)With SBIG ST-8300 by Naoki Nakanishi

Enjoy with BORG 55FL F3.6  and 200 mm focal length!!

It’s really a fun scope.


~ by tedishikawa on November 13, 2015.

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