Takahashi PM-SP

Finally I got Takahashi PM-SP for my own use. It’s originally same as PM-1’s DEC unit. It converted into RA unit as single axis tracker. So more compact and various accessories available. Like PM-1, it has the versatility too. And as usual, precision polar scope is installed at the factory.

pmsp1Basic unit. It’s very compact, but actually heavier than looks like since premium quality 6 ball bearings (4 for body and 2 for worm) are used inside.

pmsp5Takahashi standard. Very well made.
pmsp2Saddle and dovetail plate allows to set two cameras side by side while adjusting weight balance. It should be perfect match for meteor shower. Unlike most of other portable mounts, it’s possible to see polar axis all the time without unloading equipment from the mount. It is very convenient too.   pmsp3With RSS panning clamp and a prototype plate, which allows for universal setup with Arca Swiss compatible accessories.

pmsp4With BORG 67FL and BORG-made arca-swiss mounting bracket. This should make easy and lightweight casual setup while using popular arca-swiss compatible parts.

BTW, we are scheduling to release a professional grade camera rotator next month. It’s very useful for lenses which has no rotating function. Since it rotate on optical axis, virtually no weight balance changes even rotated. Usually ball head does. That’s a bit painful.


~ by tedishikawa on November 10, 2015.

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