BORG Teleconverter

These days we are receiving more inquiries on teleconverter from customers. Probably they start considering their own setup for next year’s total eclipse. Yes, BORG teleconverter completely performs up to full frame sensor, and also well designed and coated to minimize the ghost from the sun.

tele7214 & 7215

7215 is the latest model more optimized for full frame camera. It was originally intended to be used with 500mm or longer focal length. But we realized it still perfectly worked even with 300mm without compromise. If you wish to shoot sharp corona image entire full frame sensor, this is it. Since the teleconverter creates very flat illumination entire full frame, it should reproduce the faint corona section around the edge too. 7214 is the good teleconverter covering full frame too as described on the page. Both are universal design which optically works with most of refractors from 300mm to 1000mm native focal length.

This was taken 90FL with 7215 teleconverter by Kasori.

kasonemoon90FL + 7215 + Kenko 3x Teleplus + Canon 6D (System optics is 2670mm F29.6)


BORG also has compact 2.3x barlow – part # 4603. One unique feature is to allow to take the lens section apart and attach it with 1.25″ eyepiece like 1.25″ filter. Good visual use and close-up shot with small sensor camera. This is a really convenient component to various occasions.


~ by tedishikawa on November 6, 2015.

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