Japan Bird Festival

One of largest bird festival was held outside Tokyo over last weekend.

jbfBORG’s new erecting prism will be available middle of this month. Part # 7779.


I’m playing around PM-1 Takahashi mount system. Its versatility makes re-configuring process fun. Originally my PM-1 was dual motor configuration. But I took out DEC unit for more compact single axis tracking mount.

55test1 55test2Ball head was used as a counterweight. In this setup, the scope was completely balanced. A dovetail plate us useful for weight balance. It’s convenient. No conventional counterweight needed.  The issue was it couldn’t point to around the north pole as anticipated. The mount has 4 ball bearings. I think they are a lot as a portable mount. As a result, I believe it achieves steady tracking while handling some weight.

And I re-configured for a new magazine AD. I thought this might be one of my most favorite configuration. This DEC unit was not designed for PM-1 mount. But thanks for the modular design like BORG. There are a lot of inter-compatible parts among them. This made more compact single axis tracking version while still handling the weight. Polar scope is always open. DEC unit along with slow motion knob is compact and convenient enough. Ultimate portable imaging system.



~ by tedishikawa on November 2, 2015.

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