BORG 55FL Reducer and Takahashi PM-1 Single Axis

4-element dedicated reducer(0.8x) for 55FL has been set to go in Japan.

P3590195s1Part # 7880 – $575.00

55FL F3.6 astrograph package is being prepared too.


And for easy testing, I converted the original PM-1 equatorial mount into single axis mode. This turns a premium single axis tracking mount now. Built-in precision polar scope and smooth alt-az adjustment mechanism achieves precise polar alignment in comfort.

Fortunately Takahashi saddle handles Vixen-compatible dovetail plate.

pm1dAnd various accessories are available from Takahashi.

pm1eThis plate was originally designed for PM-SP. But there are the various inter-compatibility between PM-1 and PM-SP. Well-designed!!

~ by tedishikawa on October 30, 2015.

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