BORG Astrograph Family & No More 0.65x ED Reducer

These are my imaging scope gear including a newly added 55FL F3.6 which is expected to be commercially available early of November.

borg55FL F3.6

71FL F4

90FL F4

89ED F4.7

These optics covers from 200 mm to 420 mm range in focal length and all optically fit up to a full sensor. These should be perfect focal length for large target with a full frame sensor or a small sensor while maximizing its field of view.

Eventually 0.65x ED super reducer has been sold out. Since we don’t have plan to reproduce, unfortunately it will be no longer available. 4-element with one ED was very sophisticated design incorporated with built-in filter box and camera rotator, and created superb image, especially taken with 125SD. It was really great combination. 6-element petzal is still a kind of BORG proprietary optical system unlike others. I think 1st generation model(digital version) was released more than 10 years ago. I feel the advanced sense of BORG optical designer since this design is not obsolete at all!!

7704No availability is really sad as one of users who enjoyed from 7004(1st) to 7704(2nd). But we are focusing on more dedicated design to optimized for optical performance while maintaining 6-element advanced petzal design.

Thank you, 7004 and 7704!!

Probably old BORG users must be familiar with this cutaway. These are the start of BORG proprietary 6-element petzal which were designed almost 20 years ago for large film format.

cutwayI’d like to applause a BORG designer who created this type of optical system that time. I really enjoyed those scopes very much. Now 55FL F3.6 with a full frame sensor reminds me of the similar field of view to large film with above optics, while showing me more resolving capability.

BORG 6-element continues by the today’s way adapting a digital sensor.


~ by tedishikawa on October 27, 2015.

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