BORG 55FL F3.6 – Correction

A couple of days ago, star test image taken with 55FL F3.6 and SONY A7R was up at this blog. But after that, it was found out it was mistakenly taken in A7R crop-mode(APS-C) a tester was usually using daytime. He simply forgot setting back to full size mode for this test. So I corrected that page. I’m expecting to receive a commercial unit next week. I will test it myself and show the new full-frame result here.   

I’m studying several different configurations. These are some examples. But probably not many others possible.

These are some examples.

B05536aSeries 60 (2550 + 7761 + M57007 + 7603 + 7352 +  0.6x reducer)

b05536ftfSeries 80 – FTF (2250 + FTF-M57 + 7601 + 0.8x reducer + 7352)

Probably Series 80 helical focuser – 7835 must be too long to reach the focus.


~ by tedishikawa on October 22, 2015.

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