Advanced Imaging Conference & Takahashi Mounts

Our office will be closed for AIC in San Jose from tomorrow to the weekend.

We will officially demonstrate following Takahashi portable mounts as the authorized distributor during AIC show.



Now these mounts are available in north and south America continents through Astro Hutech.

Both mounts have the factory-installed precision polar scopes. As you know, the polar alignment is one of key factors for the success of the guiding. If the scope or reticle are not installed correctly, it’s useless even how mechanical gears and the PE are advertised very well. Both polar scopes are fully protected by metal caps. That’s important as portable mounts to maintain the accuracy by aligned by the factory too. This explains only one of them how Takahashi engineer is taking care of the products. In my personal opinion, because of portable mount, the polar scope is further more important. The reliability should be much more priceless for overseas expeditions. I don’t want to have any mechanical and electrical trouble in southern hemisphere trip or during critical astro events such as total solar eclipse.

I will keep posting more and more technical details on these Takahashi mounts.


~ by tedishikawa on October 14, 2015.

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