Canon Binoculars

I was field-testing a recently released 10×30 IS II while comparing with a legendary 10x42L.

cbinoI already got an another new model – 12×36 IS III. But it was currently loaned to a friend of mine. The quality of 10×30 and 10x42L look very close. I feel 10×42 looks a bit more sharp and cleaner though. Personally I wish to be because its price was 4 to 5 time more expensive.  Anyway overall performance of 10×30 is very close to 10x42L. 10×30 shows very flat image field like 10x42L. That was one of major reasons why I loved Canon binoculars. 10×30 is same as expected. Stars shows very good shape entire FOV. It was very pleasing view. Although it might be a little small aperture for the deepsky, I’m confident it should be perfect for solar and lunar viewing. And probably good for mountain hikers because of size and weight.

Only one negative feeling although this might be very personal favorite. We have to keep pressing 10×30 IS button while doesn’t 10×42. Continuously pressing is not comfortable at least to me. But probably this should be the intention to decrease battery consumption as much as possible. It’s very minor issue anyway.

Canon new binoculars are still great optically and mechanically like 10x42L. Superb products. I applaud Canon has achieved maintaining same quality while reducing the production cost, still at Japan’s factory.


~ by tedishikawa on October 2, 2015.

One Response to “Canon Binoculars”

  1. Appreciate your binocular reviews, Ted! My beloved Ultima 7*50’s (Japan version) are alas no more. Time to move to 21st century. Have you tested your new 12*36 IS III yet? Would like to hear your opinion.
    Keith from RAC

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