BORG 90FL Bino

I built up 90FL bino with new Series 80 rings(=part # 7085, much lighter than previous ones). The view through BORG 125SD bino was spectacular and unforgettable. But it was a bit too heavy and bulky for myself. And naturally it requires steady and heavy mount and tripod.  BORG 90FL bino including the platform weighs only 13 lbs. It is quite easy to carry and comfortable overall size. It didn’t take 10 minutes for the initial platform collimation setup.  Now two optical axes are perfectly matched. And ready for astro viewing.

_DSF300790FL bino and EMS erecting mirror diagonals with 1.25″ helical focuser. Only 13 lbs!!


IDAS 82mm Broadband Solar filters in front


Hinode SG is just used as the sun pointer. Night time I can just switch to conventional finder bracket.

_DSF3008I’m sure this will be visual setup for next year’s Mercury transit

This optical system showed me very clean and sharp sun spots today. Very nice view!!

~ by tedishikawa on September 28, 2015.

2 Responses to “BORG 90FL Bino”

  1. Is it possible the ground surveillance with binoscope Matsumato EMC and incline of 45 *?

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