Auriga by BORG 55FL and Cooled 6D

This was my 2nd shot last Sunday. Since last month I didn’t pay attention Sh2-235? and Sh2-231?, composing was not something favored. So I re-tried.

aurigaBORG 55FL F3.6 (with prototype reducer) + Cooled 6D at ISO 2000, 13 x 3 minutes

I compared this picture with last month one. Nebulosity sections in this picture looks smoother although imaging methods are different. I’m sure sensor cooling and dithering should be big factor for that.

Comparisons are

This month : Cooled 6D, 13 x 3 minutes at  ISO 2000 and LPS-V4 filter, dithering

Last month : SONY(no filter), 16 x 3 minutes at ISO 1000 and HEUIBII filter, non-dithering

I selected LPS-V4 last Sunday because I felt the sky was a bit hazy and bright. The sky condition was different. But last month was more favor because of more transparent.

Anyway, it’s fun to see there are various different nebulae and clusters in one frame.


~ by tedishikawa on September 15, 2015.

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