Cooled 6D & Lacerta Guider Dithering

This is my 1st light for the cooled Canon 6D camera.

DSC_0510BORG 55FL F3.6 (with prototype reducer) + Cooled Canon 6D

BORG 50ACH + Lacerta Standalone guider

ic1396aIC1396 & Sh2-129

18 x 3 minutes at ISO 2000 (- 5.8 Celsius) via LPS-V4-52

Again, the combination of 200 mm focal length & full frame sensor is fun to compose the multiple targets. I didn’t know there are such many dark rivers and sections around there.

Last night it was surprisingly wet (almost 100% humidity). So it was very good dew test opportunity for my camera. Sensor chamber is well shielded. Actually double-shielded structure inside. So as expected, no dew formation over the night even in 100% wet condition. Thank you! Instead, blue color desiccant turned white, which indicates to heat up for dry-back or replace. Well designed. So now I’m really confident the camera can work well under the humid area as well. During imaging, the sensor temperature was very stable although it was not completely regulated. Anyway it was virtually same temperature all the time. So we can take the accurate dark frame.

I used Lacerta’s dithering function first time too. (I forgot an autoguider cable last month…..). It looked working well too. Since I have some more pictures taken, I will describe more about the camera and Lacerta standalone autoguider.


~ by tedishikawa on September 14, 2015.

2 Responses to “Cooled 6D & Lacerta Guider Dithering”

  1. Hi Ted,Really lovely photo of IC 1396; thanks for starting the tests of the cooled 6D. I had a chance to do more tests of your taper adapter for the CDK14. It works very well-just have to be careful with alignment and screws.Attached is a photo with A7H (5x3min, ISO 2000) of the center region of IC 1396, and a test shot of M33. I think that the A7H+V4 is the best one-shot color camera I have yet used for it’s red sensitivity.



  2. Fred,
    Thanks for your comment. Glad to know A7H is now working with CDK14. Can you send me your picture by a separate mail?


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