Cooled 6D Camera

Finally the first lot of cooled 6D came in. So I started playing it around.

6d1Room temperature is 26C. A white section is a desiccant cap. Desiccant is user-replaceable. Easy to loosen and tighten by an allen wrench.

6d2It reached to – 2.6C 8 minutes after the power was on, then it got stable. So the result was 28.6C below the ambient under that room temperature condition. The manufacturer’s specs are more than minus 25C. So this was what I expected. Other cameras look very similar. So I might be able to say it is close to 30C below the ambient.

Addition: I tested again. It went down to 29.0c below the ambient. Around minus 29C looks the number I can expect.

6d3The camera works only in bulb mode. Fortunately Lacerta can control up to 1/10″ shutter speed. So this should be fast enough to take the flat for me. Thanks for Lacerta. I think PC software should do similar too.

6d4Built-in filter box. The above shows 52mm HEUIBII. Biggest advantage is that this allows to use wide-angle lenses with several IDAS filters while avoiding the spectrum shift issue. Now LPS-V4 filter can be used with full frame camera and wide-angle lenses together. This should be perfect combo for the whole milky-way shot.  BTW, the camera requires two separate powers. One for camera body (original battery compartment) and the another is for the cooling chamber.

I’m so curious how S/N will increase by this camera. I think sh2-240 should be good target for verifying.

Now we are accepting the order for 3rd production lot which is expected to be delivered in November.

~ by tedishikawa on September 1, 2015.

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