Hutech Open House

Astro Hutech open house has been successfully done last Saturday. A lot of Orange Country Astronomer (OCA) members as well as Lake Mission Viejo Yacht club members gathered. Thank you for coming to Hutech!! More people came and looks more enjoying than expected. So we had to go out and get more food and drink(especially wines) during the party. I knew how much yacht club members like wine. But I miscalculated. Anyway it was good indication. It means they spent more time and enjoyed.

party1I was too busy to take pictures. Actually I totally forgot that. So no many other pictures.

party2This is Mia and my new hobby. Model trains!! Tomytec’s another major business – TOMIX. They have almost 100 kinds of trains. No doubt Japan is the country which has most different trains – mainly passenger cars. We have just built up last week. So the setup was still primitive very much. We will expand more tracks and make georama little by little. This picture shows I was operating the turntable with steam locomotive, which was a kind of my dream. Since my father was working around there, I visited such a site many times when I was a kid. So turntable and steam locomotives’ garage looks familiar to me.

party4Very hot and tough day for them.

party3Two solar scopes -SF-50 and IDAS white light filters. Unfortunately, no sun spot that day. Totally plain surface. But SF-50 showed us very clean and high contrast detailed prominence as usual.

dsI setup DaySter Quark too. But the tuning didn’t properly work as expected because of ambient temperature. After reading the manual, I realized it shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. It’s very unfortunate. This setup – Mini 50 and 25 mm eyepiece allows to see full disk of the sun.  Even if it was not proper tuning, the image was the level we were expecting. Let me compare with SF-50 side-by side next time. I guess not too far away.

party5My long-time business partner – Dave Kodama and his wife Jean. We were discussing the strategy of 2017 total solar eclipse trip while looking at eclipse maps.

part6Some of my sailing club members, looks enjoying. Very good!

Now I plan this kind of astro party occasionally. Unlike conventional star party, our party is more food and drink oriented event. I guess the next might be Mercury transit day – May 9 2016. I’m sure some of OCA members should go the better locations. But I will stay here and hopefully sailing club people should come to my office again since they like party. My yacht club is well social group.


~ by tedishikawa on August 31, 2015.

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