BORG 90FL Binoscope & BORG Tools

I’m discussing with the customer who is interested in 90FL binoscope and have prepared some different configurations for his study. A right scope viewing from the behind shows 1.25″ helical focuser with drawtube while the left is with 2″ Feather Touch focuser without drawtube. I had only two mounting rings at this moment. So only one ring is set for each scope.

_DSF1006 _DSF1007 PICT0003Untitled-11) BORG 4317 – 1.25″ helical focuser allows to focus like conventional binoculars by turning each eyepiece independently. Since a helical focuser’s focus travel is very limited, drawtube is used for rough focusing. It’s not must. But more convenient for using various eyepieces. If we only use 1.25″ eyepieces, this should be the way to go.

2) 2″ Feather Touch allows to use 2″-to-2″ EMS and long stroke FTF eliminates the drawtube. Simpler and 2″ eyepiece with EMS2 but requiring more cost.

Now I start shopping around the suitable tracking mount for my 90FL Bino too. It was not large aperture like 125SD Bino I used to own. (BTW, I still recall it showed me most spectacular Jupiter image in my life). But compact and high quality optics with fluorite. Probably this is more suitable and realistic for my needs at the various viewpoints like carrying by single hand and loading on the car etc.

Next topics should be common issue for all of BORG users – two parts are stuck together. Especially short rings are very hard to be taken apart. As shown below, rubber wrenches work well. But sometime ring is too short.  The realistic solution is the gloves then.

_DSF1010Generally grasping each part makes things worse since each ring is deformed.

Watch following video. This non-slip gloves allow to push side-by-side by each palm completely. So no squeezed and no hurt from threaded pitch. Effective and safe!!

BORG sent them to me and found out surprisingly how valuable this is. So I wanted to share with you. I’m sure similar ones should be available here. But if it’s hard to find it out, let me know. I think I will get some more from BORG.

Anyway, rubber wrench and glove are the essential tools for BORG users to make modular system more fun.


~ by tedishikawa on August 12, 2015.

One Response to “BORG 90FL Binoscope & BORG Tools”

  1. Very good info about unthreading Borg connectors Ted. The smaller and thinner the connection, the harder it is sometimes to unthread them. I find that lubricating the threads prior to installation with either super lube or WD40 makes it much less likely for the threaded parts to bind.

    Also, with the thinner components, do not apply any excess pressure or force to the outer circumference or the threads will bind due to flexure. Very light turning pressure will usually do the trick. Plastic filter wrenches such as those sold by Baader and Scope Stuff will work well also.

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