Lacerta Standalone Autoguider

I’m playing around the new guider.

DSC_0480I feel at least I can use the basics of each function – guiding, imaging and dithering. One surprise feature I didn’t expect before is the setting of imaging camera’s multiple exposure times. I wished to do that before. But I didn’t want to use PC either. Lacerta allows to set up to 4 different exposure times for one imaging session. Moreover, we can choose the order of different exposures too. For me, this was big extra value I didn’t anticipate. Thank you!

After reading the detailed instructions manual, I also noticed multiple guiding frame can be accumulated(?) or averaged(?) to reduce seeing factor, and sent as single correction signal to the mount. This looks nice feature too since my place’s seeing is always terrible especially in summer time. I’m curious how the result will be different between single longer exposure and multiple averaged short exposure.

This becomes the valuable companion for myself as Canon and Sony users. Now Lacerta does almost the same thing as PC software does, without PC. I’m still trying to learn functions since there are so many parameters manually set by a user. But I can say, very easy to start using and making it more refining for better auto guiding performance by parameter changing. Very nice product as I heard.


~ by tedishikawa on August 11, 2015.

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