Moon and 55FL F3.6 with Lacerta Standalone Auto Guider

Following is great lunar shot taken by Tetsuya Kasori.

moonBORG 90FL + 1.08X flattener + Kenko 3x Teleplus + extension tube + Canon 6D, 25 x 1/25″

I start preparing for the imaging gear for the coming new moon opportunity. Here is some of my new stuff – BORG 55FL F3.6 and Lacerta standalone autoguider. My main goal is to shoot some targets with new 55FL F3.6 system and to use Lacerta controller with Takahashi PM-1 mount and SONY A7 (or hopefully cooled 6D). These are quite new for me. So I need practicing at my backyard before going to the dark site.

As usual, short tube setup is challenging. After try-and-error process, finally I found practical setup along with Hinode SG’s universal base, which allows to bolt both imaging and guiding rings. This 100 mm’s shot base prevents interference from all of hardware, high enough and short enough.

As shown below, the counterbore design at both sides allows to bolt up and down at both directions. Very useful. If someone are looking for good short-tube setup solution,  this should be the one of them.

udbI used crossing mark sections. 20 mm height works as the riser block too.

Main tube is only 25mm long. So I attached 100mm tube in front (over the objective lens), which makes two rings’ clamping easy.

55fl3Inside tube is 55FL objective dew-shield. New BORG Series 80 tube is very convenient too.

I think it’s now ready to start practicing at the field.


~ by tedishikawa on August 7, 2015.

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