I have continued to make several star test with 55FL F3.6. The result shows fully clean star shape entire full frame sensor. This is really superb 200 mm telephoto lens (or telescope) for high quality astro imaging.
55flreducerAlso I tried some daytime shots since HEUIBII filter is set all the time.

The above shows the no-filter SONY A7 camera’s color balance on the white paper taken in AWB mode under blue sky condition. Nothing adjusted after taken. Histogram shows blue is slightly stronger. But still well corrected and neutral at least for my eye. Moreover, keep in mind this filter is designed for maximizing astro performance without its compromise. Followings are some snapshots by 55FL F3.6 and HEUIB-II.

he2bOur favorite cars


I don’t hesitate to say this is the best and only optical filter as one-piece solution available in the market which works both astro and regular daytime shots. Only issue is this is the interference type of filter, which has spectrum shift by incoming light angle. So it doesn’t optically allow to set in front of wide angle lenses. No large sizes available anyway. It should be set behind lenses. Following types are currently available;

  • Body-mounted for all Canon APS-C cameras.
  • Body-mounted for several Nikon APS-C cameras
  • For SONY E-mount cameras with Canon/Nikon adapter
  • For cooled Canon 6D
  • And most of BORG scopes allow to set 48 mm or 52 mm.

More details for HEUIBII

As mentioned several times here, this filter makes the modified camera’s background color more neutral while capturing maximum Ha. So faint Ha details are more isolated from the background color. Highly recommended!!


~ by tedishikawa on August 5, 2015.

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