Classic Summer Objects & 55FL F3.6

Long-time BORG user as well as many BORG scopes and parts owner – Scott Denning sent two summer images, which were taken with his 71FL F3.7 (0.66x reducer) and modified Canon 40. As shown below,  IDAS HEUIB-II filter creates very neutral color balance with modified DSLRs. If your sky is dark enough, I highly recommend this filter. Since background turns neutral with this filter while capturing max Ha photon, it makes image processing relatively easier. Big benefit is the dim Ha region can be more isolated from the background color.



Meanwhile, as expected, I had very good response on 55FL F3.6 from many people. I understood premium quality 200 mm focal length telescope was what high-end users were seeking for and there is nothing in the market. I tested myself and I can mention this is the promising optical system.  You can choose Series 60 or 80. Mechanical design is quite similar to current 0.72x reducer. So it is easy to build up the system even if it is very short focal length. Above two images were taken with 260 mm focal length at APS-C sensor. APS-C users can get wider field of view with 55FL F3.6. Although the system covers full frame sensor, it should be big advantage for the users who own small pixel/sensor like SONY 694/814 chips and looking for widest possible image field.


~ by tedishikawa on July 28, 2015.

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