OPT Show & 55FL F3.6

DSC_0461OPT show Hutech boothDSC_0464Takahashi PM-SP, controller under development

DSC_0469BORG 55FL F3.6, 1st public appearance. DSC_0470Unfortunately cooled 6D wasn’t shown up yet.DSC_0471BORGs with Lacerta standalone autoguiderDSC_0472Takahashi PM-1, controller under developmentDSC_0473Great solar viewing day. Fortunately it was no marine layer even in the morning time at Oceanside.

Hinode SG kept the sun center the whole day without centering adjustment. Very convenient.

And as shown above, the dedicated super reducer for 55FL came in. I did star test last Friday.

55flreducerSystem configuration : 2555 + 7861 + 7604 + 0.8x reducer + 7000 + 5005 + SONY A7

Very clean and sharp star edge entire full frame sensor

200 mm F3.6 super telephoto lens

It is expected to be commercially available this fall(?)


~ by tedishikawa on July 27, 2015.

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