User’s Image and 55FL Reducer

Kayron Mercieca who was already enjoying 77EDII with 0.7x reducer asked me the shortest possible focal length among BORG. So he picked 45EDII and several parts to build up the system including his 0.7x reducer. The system is something like that. This turns 225 mm focal length.

b04550ftfs45EDII F5 with FTF-M57

And here is his 1st shot.

kayronOne of challenging parts was the weight balance back and forth. As shown at 1st picture, main tube is only 25 mm long!! Yes, this is crazy configuration. you can imagine, this setup becomes way back heavy. I believe he could manage to set properly. Congratulations, Kayron.

Meanwhile, I was told prototype of 55FL reducer is ready in Japan. Hopefully it will come to me next week. This is the dedicated reducer for 55FL which fully covers full frame sensor. This should be further shorter than above 45ED system. Good for small sensor users who are seeking for wider image field.  I will keep updated on it.

I’m looking forward to testing the new reducer with cooled Canon 6D which looks available now in Japan.


~ by tedishikawa on July 21, 2015.

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