Solar Imaging Setup with BORG New Tube Rings

Since BORG new Series 80 rings – prototype has come in for my test, I have changed my solar imaging system. A ring itself is 100 g lighter than previous 7083. And the machined-made ring has a lot of threaded holes all around a ring while achieving precision finish. I believe this is very good improvement.

solarsetup3SF-50 + BORG 77EDII + 7780 (new Drawtube Holder DX) + Takahashi PM-1 mount

solarsetup2Hinode SG was set at the top of two rings via universal base.

7780 and new tube rings are basically same concept. By loosening thumbscrews, a tube moves smoothly. I noticed this smoothness allowed me to adjust the weight balance easily and accurately even if each thumbscrews are a little loosened. Once they are tightened down, it holds completely. High quality Teflon inside and precision machine-made achieves both smoothness and rigidness. Very good quality.

BTW, these pictures are taken at F1.4 aperture of Fuji 56mm lens without ND filter. Shutter speeds were 1/32000″ and 1/22000″ respectively. Thanks for super high speed electric shutter. Really excellent Fuji lens and camera. I love this combination.


~ by tedishikawa on July 15, 2015.

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