Standalone Autoguider & PlaneWave adapter

This is an another wonderful equipment to enjoy astro imaging without PC. Now Hutech starts carrying Lacerta MGEN standalone guider. One of key features is dithering capability. Since I’ve never used the computer at the field, I’ve never tried dithering guiding before. Now I can do without PC. Thanks for Lacerta MGEN.

I was also told this SONY sensor is very sensitive. I’m curious how much more sensitive it is than my 1st and (still) current ST-5C I purchased around 15 years ago when I was using large format film. Since then, the camera was trouble-free and still working well with Windows 95/8MB parallel-port-equipped old laptop PC. So there was no excuse to get a newer camera. I really appreciate SBIG’s quality product. Now Lacerta allows me to completely eliminate PC. Thank you! I’m excited to use this along with the cooled 6D I’m expecting to get next month.

Following adapter seems to be something unusual combination. This is the adapter for PlaneWave reducer and SONY e-mount camera, which was made for one of HUTECH/BORG longtime users who owns PlaneWave at his observatory. Probably he would be sometime interested in taking the easy-going one-shot color image. Looks like PlaneWave reducer’s back focus is not long enough for DSLRs such as Canon and Nikon. So I think it’s good match with short flange back mirrorless camera like his A7H. Taper interface allows to orient a camera and to have 52mm filter inside.

a7pw2 a7pw


~ by tedishikawa on June 23, 2015.

6 Responses to “Standalone Autoguider & PlaneWave adapter”

  1. Glad to see you handling the Lacerta MGEN. I have the Ver. 1 of this autoguider and it is fabulous!!

  2. Can we use Lacerta MGEN with Sony A7s?

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