Cooled Canon 6D Camera

We are pleased to announce the cooled 6D will be commercially available end of July. This is fully manufactured-in-Japan product.

Features are

– Sealed sensor chamber allows to maximize cooling capability while preventing from dew formation

– Slightly heated chamber glass

– Built-in thermometer for real time monitoring and dark frame control

– Sensor cooling 25 degree Celsius below ambient

– Drop-in 52 mm filter (or 48 mm with a stepping ring)

– 44.00 mm EF-mount flange back

– No vignetted by mirror box (This should be big help for mosaic imaging)

– Precision optical axis adjustment system (factory-aligned)

– Astronomical UV/IR blocking or clear filter available

– 1.5 kg weight

– 2.5A/12V (max 3A at startup)



Followings are the actual noise comparison in each 30 minute exposure at ISO1600

28C_ISO1600_30M28C (21.9MB)

02C_ISO1600_30M2C (1.9MB)

Keep in mind, this camera is lack of following capabilities.

1. No mechanical shutter. Only bulb shooting is available. So virtually works as only astro camera.

2. No mirror. Pointing the target and composing should be done through LCD screen.

3. No AE and AF

Prices are

– SEO6T, cooled Canon 6D with astronomical UV/IR blocking filter : $3,095.00

– SEO6C, cooled Canon 6D with clear filter : $3,095.00

It includes Canon standard accessories and one year warranty.

This should be the ultimate PC-less astro camera so far. Personally I can’t wait for its coming up.


~ by tedishikawa on June 20, 2015.

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