Fuji for Astro?

Finally I got X-T1 graphite version. The body finish is really very nice!! This is like titanium color. Also I got a fast lens too since I was curious how it works for astro photography. Basically all of Fujinon lenses are looking good.

xt1cX-T1 with 56mm F1.2

There is F number index outside lens, very convenient to use. Good feature for me.

xt1dFuji 3 brothers (one more – X-T10 will join soon)

xt1b xt1aF1.2 full aperture at 1/32000″ shutter speed.

Thanks for the electric shutter. Now I can shoot at full aperture without using ND filter.  But these were taken under cloudy sky. So it must be still too bright in full sunshine. I think 1/32000″ is fastest. So probably ND filter is still needed. Good thing by Fuji is the background BOKEH doesn’t get noisy. Very smooth. This is the another point why I like very much! I will try to shoot astro picture with this lens.

Another new Fuji camera is coming up this month – X-T10. We plan the modification for X-T10. As mentioned before, I was hesitating the modification for Fuji camera since Fuji’s color reproduction is really superb. But Fujinon lenses look very good for astro too. So I wanted to make best possible astro camera to work with nice lens.


~ by tedishikawa on June 3, 2015.

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