Maglev Train Scale-down Model At Hutech Office

Recently Japan Railway’s eagerly-waiting “superconducting” maglev train(100 mm floating) project was officially approved for the commercial service after 40 years or more experimental period. It was my small kid when it started their preliminary study. Since then, I was expecting when …. when I can take…… I almost gave up in my life. But finally it turns real. I knew there was one commercial service at Shanghai from German technology. But also I noticed it was NOT superconducting. So it floats only 10 mm, which is not high enough for earth-quake country like Japan. I believe JR should be confident it can safely stop from 600 km per hour operational speed even if Mag 8 or 9 earth-quake hits around Japan. All of Japanese constructions and safety systems must be made based on that. It’s really amazing. The commercial service is expected to start between Tokyo and Nagoya in 2027. Why does it take time? They have to dig the tunnel in most of the whole distance. So I don’t think it’s suitable for sightseeing travel at all. As long as I will be healthy, I should have the chance to ride. But last week BORG’s parent company, Takara-Tomy gave me more surprise news. They announced to release the scale-down model this September.  Wow! I can feel maglev train much sooner. I didn’t need the time to decide to own at all when I noticed the news. Thank you, Tomy!


Tomy’s train is floated 2 mm with basic magnet method. Yes, it’s the product to ordinary people who is playing around.  So some engineers must say floating with magnet is quite simple as concept and easy to make. It might be true as prototype. But Tomy made it as commercial product as Toy or (I’d like to say) Hobby item and the scale-down model from the actual design officially approved by Japan Railway. Moreover it is still moving forward without conventional rotating motor. That’s what I want to applause to them very much. I expect more numbers of tracks will be sold separately to extend the system.

You will  see maglev train as well as various SHINKASEN trains at our twice larger new office soon.  BORG’s another division is the major supplier of H and N scale trains under TOMIX brand. (I hope they will sell more-hobby grade maglev train near future) Anyway, it should be more fun at my new office shortly.


~ by tedishikawa on June 2, 2015.

One Response to “Maglev Train Scale-down Model At Hutech Office”

  1. I have loved trains since I could walk, and was delighted to get opportunity to ride the Shanghai Maglev a few years ago. So this is great news to me, and now I will HAVE to visit you at the the new Hutech office.
    Thanks Ted!

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