7800/6000/7083 discontinued

I think this kind of announcement will be common for a while. As I mentioned earlier, BORG will focus on black-color OTA. So white parts will be fading out after current stock will be gone.

7800 (205mm tube) and 7083 (tube rings) are no longer available. 6000 (Series 80 OTA) has been discontinued too because of lack of 7800.

1) 7800

Instead 205mm matt finish black is now available as #7803.


White shorter ones such as 7136(135mm long), 7150(150mm), 7050(50mm) and 7025(25mm) are still in stock. So White color-based astrograph packages are still available too. You can build up 200mm long white by combining 7150 with 7050.

2) 7803

Instead of 7803, we offer 7804 for a while.

7084This has 1/4″-20 at the both sides. However, limited number only left. So this part # should be gone soon. BORG is now preparing for machined-made rings for series 80 tubes.

Transition time for white to black might confuse you time to time. But I try to clarify you and go smoothly as much as I can.


~ by tedishikawa on May 15, 2015.

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