71FL & Black OTAs

Now BORG is trying to make their lineup simpler. Too many number of models including white and black finish were piled up year to year. As a result, the list got so complicated. So it’s time to re-organize the product lineup now. Also we are reviewing each package to make the package contents uniform except the objective lens. Basic strategy is that we are going to unify the black color little by little. So once white color system will be discontinued sometime soon, no more white will be available. An another factor for black objective assembly is the matching with carbon fiber tube as possibility if it will be commercially available. I understand the white tube is the textbook answer for astronomy community. But I hope the new era has come. So we have decided to focus on the black. As shown recently, 55FL looks wonderful shape. 1st announcement is 71FL. Following 71FL white sets have been discontinued.

0271 / 2571 / 6071 / 6171 / 6172 / 6173 / 6271 / 6272

These items numbers are only available at local dealer now. No factory stock any more.

DSC00725ss171FL black

And in this chance, we will re-organize BORG price list from the scratch to make things easier.




~ by tedishikawa on April 14, 2015.

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