Solar Activity 033015 & SONY’s Align-N-Stack Mode

This was 6 hours sequence for solar activity yesterday. Total 50-frame time-lapse movie. Fortunately there were some big prominence activities. This should be fun to watch.

Close-up version


solarSolarscope 50 + BORG 50FL + SONY A6000H + Takahashi PM-1XY(planet fork mode) + Hinode SG solar guider

My most curiosity was how SONY’s 4-frame align-N-stack function worked for the solar imaging. I was taught a couple of days ago recent SONY cameras have the feature called Multi Frame Noise Reduction. So I wanted to test before Olympus E-M5 II. Above each frame was 4 x 1/4000″ exposure. Looks working. I’m not sure better or not. At least image wasn’t ruined. I will carefully examine the images between the stacked and the single. Still too many things to learn camera functions……  BTW, modified SONY camera seems to be too sensitive at Ha. The image was a bit saturated. I wanted faster shutter speed. But unfortunately A6000’s fastest was 1/4000″. I wish A7000(?) will have 1/8000″ shutter speed and possibly in silent shutter mode.

– Update : I noticed decreasing max ISO avoids saturating. ISO is automatically set as AUTO in stack mode. But lower max ISO should be OK now.

~ by tedishikawa on March 31, 2015.

2 Responses to “Solar Activity 033015 & SONY’s Align-N-Stack Mode”

  1. Very interesting Ted!!

  2. I found that my A7sH is really sensitive to Ha (more than my KAF8300 CCD) which is good for astrophotography.

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