Takahashi XY Stage

Takahashi’s XY stage is well designed and made like their all others. Following snapshot was taken for my comet setup. Their stage was very helpful to center of the comet nucleus to my tiny ST-5C chip for autoguiding.  Fortunately there was no bright star through the comet nucleus’s trajectory during guiding. So autoguiding was completely successful.
1The stage is mechanically very smooth and like the lock solid when tightened. Not flimsy movement at all. No image shift during tightening either. I’m so surprised for such reliability. Push/pull knobs are soft and solid. It’s very hard to tell this feeling. Once someone use, I’m sure all can share the  feeling.

xy3s1/4″ screw at the top allows to orient the guide scope direction. There are one 1/4″-20 at the center and Takahashi standard two M6 at he bottom.

Recently I realized Hutech guide plate (#KD102) was the best fit since the plate has 1/4″-20 at its middle.


Much more simpler and less weight than my 1st setup shown in 1st picture.

And also the stage can be used as the polar alignment stage for portable mounts too.


And the orientation free 1/4″-20 screw are great design for non-Takahashi portable mounts too. This function allows to align the stage and portable mount direction.

This super reliable stage along with universal design is definitely the great value to own. We need the reliable item for the time-sensitive and no-fault situation like comet event. Highly recommended. We will add this item in Hutech price list shortly. Green and black are available.




~ by tedishikawa on March 30, 2015.

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