0.72x Quadruplet Super Reducer [# 7872]

We are scheduling to start shipping the reducer early of next week. Thanks for the patience of the pre-order customers who are waiting for the one.



1. 0.72x quadruplet lens system covering full frame sensor, optimized for 90FL and 71FL

2. BORG’s 1st optical design based on F-ratio (All of BORG reducers/flatteners used to be designed for focal length)

3. Blackened lens edges (further improves image contrast)

4. Back focus distance : 60 mm from M57/female back end

Ex. 7000 – 5005 – Canon EF / 7000 – 7921 – 7922 – 5013 – Sony E



1) M48 filter, or M52 along with BORG stepping ring and BORG helical focuser at front of the reducer (Filter has to have female thread)

2) M48 filter into M57 rear adapterDSC00023ss1(Shown with 7352 – M57 camera rotator and 7519 – filter box)

And following optical systems will be available as new members of BORG astrograph familiy next week too.

90FL F4 [B09040]

71FL F4 {B71040]

Upgradeable to FTF-M57


~ by tedishikawa on March 11, 2015.

6 Responses to “0.72x Quadruplet Super Reducer [# 7872]”

  1. Ted,

    Can you use 7872 just with a camera rotator without the filter box?
    If you can, how can you get the correct back focus?

    Thank you.

  2. Ted,
    I am now with Borg 90fl + 100mm tube + 7780+7790 + adapter to FTF2025 + DSLR . Can it possible add #7872(0.72x reducer) after FTF2025 focuser and howto. I want some astrophotography using Borg90FL.



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