BORG Fluorite Visual Package

We have prepared for the Hutech-special visual packages including FTF-2020BCR. A long-stroke Feather Touch focuser allows to eliminate drawtube holder. That was a part of heavy section. As a result, the system is very compact, lightweight and simple. This should be one of the best grab-n-go visual scopes optically and mechanically. See some;

67fls  [Part # BV067FL] : $1,395.00

1.0 kg (2.2 lbs) / 230 mm long (9.0″)

2567 + 7102 + 7025 + FTF-BORGII + FTF-2020BCR

BORG 67FL is 300mm / F4.5

71fls[Part # BV071FL] : $1,495.00

1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) / 330 mm long (13″)

2571 + 7800 + FTF-BORGII + FTF-2020BCR

BORG 71FL is 400mm / F5.6

91fls[Part #BV091FL] : $2,295.00

1.7 kg (3.7 lbs) / 395 mm (15.5″)

2590 + 7800 + FTF-BORGII + FTF-2020BCR

BORG 90FL is 500mm / F5.6

1) FTF-BORGII is a new part, which allows to attach FTF directly onto a main tube without an extra adapter such as 7801.

2) Each system is designed for 2″ diagonal use. 1.25″ diagonal requires an extension tube.

3) Above all systems including 90FL can be put into padded Mini Borg carrying bag.


And yes, by changing or adding some other parts, they will turn to imaging scopes too.


~ by tedishikawa on March 4, 2015.

9 Responses to “BORG Fluorite Visual Package”

  1. Ted,
    Is it possible to use threaded connection with this version of FT focuser for imaging?

    • Dunghun

      Yes, it is possible.
      But I/you have to more carefully check the tube length if FT’s focus travel is short like FTF-M57.


  2. Ted,

    Is it because of vignetting caused by a longer draw tube?

  3. Ted,

    Looking at the Starlight Instrument website, they have only 2″ FT focuser with draw tubes with 2″ compression ring.
    Are they making 2″ FT with threaded interfaces (other than FTF-M57)?

  4. ftf-m57 is better for full frame

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