New BORG Parts in March & The Moon with 125SD

Following parts will be scheduled to be released within a couple of weeks.

DSC09874ss[7872] 0.72x super reducer DGQ : $595.00

As described before, this dedicated optical design for 90FL and 71FL fully covers full frame sensor. A spacer ring allows to switch between 90FL and 71FL. Quadruplet lens section goes inside the focuser. As a result, the focuser has less stress. 7352 – M57 camera rotator can be used with.


M57 drawtube and rotator

[6010] without Arca Swiss-compatible mounting block : $149.00

[6011] With mounting block : $195.00

BORG-first fluorocarbon polymer drawtube holder achieves smooth sliding while minimizing the drawtube play. Anti-reflection sheet inside drawtube creates high contrast image.

Followings are nice terrestrial pictures taken by Tsukasa Enomoto.

Tokyo Sky Tree with the moon, taken by 125SD and Canon 5D Mark III

2011-built Tokyo Sky Tree is the highest broadcasting tower – 634m in the world at this moment. Fuji by 125SD and 5D Mark III

We call “Pearl Fuji” when the moon is set at the top of Mr.Fuji while called “Diamond Fuji” with the sun. These are very classical composing and enjoyable imaging methods with Mt.Fuji for Japanese from long time ago.


~ by tedishikawa on March 2, 2015.

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