New Reducer [#7872] for 90FL and 71FL

Now it’s the time to officially announce the newly-designed dedicated super reducer [#7872] for 90FL and 71FL. It will be commercially available this spring.

DSC09874ss2nd prototype


Features are

1) 0.72x quadruplet design for full frame sensor

2) 90FL = 360mm/F4 and 71FL = 288mm/F4

3) 48mm filter in front

4) Fits filter box(# 7519) and camera rotator (#7352)

Since the lens section is moved into the inside focuser, the distance between the focuser and camera gets much closer (less stress for the focuser). As a result, it allows to use relatively longer main tube (easier setup).
Well mechanical design!!

7872-02 7872-03

90FL(オリオン大星雲  新型レデューサー)s90FL F4.0 (0.72x reducer), luminance taken with ST8300M and color with ST8300C

We schedule to announce the price by end of this month.


~ by tedishikawa on February 6, 2015.

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